* Our political system ought to be based on cooperation rather than conflict. The 'party' system supports division, adherence to fundamentals set in concrete and the need for charismatic leadership. Conflict is therefore inevitable.

*Perhaps it is time to prefer a focus on who we are and how we want to live together in Aotearoa rather than a continual reliance on 'learning from other countries'.  We have highly skilled, imaginative people in Aotearoa who are likely to be more aware of what we need to build in all disciplines, structures and services in this country.

*It is perhaps time to provide many more opportunities within Aotearoa for our own creative artisans, entertainers, sports people, tourism ventures, educationalists and researchers. Time to hold our heads high and be content with honours, education, entertainment and community enhancement to be provided from within Aotearoa. Time for a re-evaluation of the idea that it is important to be 'nurtured' off shore.

*Local communities need more resources and attention. The notion we need to 'draw from outside our local or regional centres' for entertainment, education and community enhancement is due for review.  This change would require a renewed focus on local community life. Previous generations made it work in communities that were isolated. This generation can connect to the wider world on digital platforms without necessarily 'leaving home'.