Waitematā  Harbour - tides around people

Waitematā Harbour - tides around people

Principles subject to change

* Everything keeps moving within and around us, in our physical being, our relationships and in the universe.

* We are neither ‘this’ nor ‘that’ nor fixed in any way.

• Health professionals who practice in team settings are more likely to consider every element affecting the complexity of life within and around each person.

• Therapy is about connections between people. It is best employed as a process focusing on the complex elements which influence creative therapeutic moments rather than one which relies on designed interventions.

• Diagnoses, assessments and decisions formulated around individual, social and cultural health are best viewed as temporary rather than definitive.

• Issues affecting people’s lives are more likely to be attended to in a holistic manner if all the elements weaving in and out of each person’s life are taken into account.

• Each person’s individual, physical, psychological, social, spiritual and cultural growth is developmentally unique

• Cultural belonging is as important as issues relating to physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual health