Finding meaning in disease

This September 2020 webinar featuring Dr Brian Broom, immunologist, psychotherapist, author and 'Mind-Body' adjunct professor at the Auckland University of Technology, draws attention to the way disease and illness are often viewed through a narrow lens.

Brian's ideas challenge many features of the way medicine and therapy services are offered and there is encouragement to patients, professionals and clients to broaden their vision with regard to health issues.

Brian is a close friend whose creative writing and perceptive thoughts have both been helpful when I have examined my own health journey. I found this presentation well worth following to the end (ninety minutes). The answers Brian gives to questions in the closing section offer more insights. I am indebted to Brian Broom for this informative seminar.

(The webinar is hosted by a group called 'NZ Christians in Science'. However, in this presentation Christianity is not promoted as a preferred belief system or pathway to health).

(Look for the 'Meaning in Disease' video on the link below)